Winning at Online Casino Video Poker
Winning at Online Casino Video Poker

Online Casino Video Poker offers one of the best chances for a gambler to grab a win. When played correctly, Online Casino video poker has a payout that can dewapoker be very close to 100 percent. So what are the very basic strategies for winning?

The first is to play the highest level number of coins if possible. This happens because the winnings increase drastically start end for when you hit your big hands. You are better off playing 5 coins at 10c than 1 coin at 50c.

Remember, there are two tries to try and make a hand. This means the second golden rule for Online Casino video poker is to always hold these hands if you get them on the first of your two goes.

They are a royal flush (no kidding around! ), straight flush, four of a kind, full house, three of a kind or two pair. For three of a kind and two pair you should swap the other cards to try and improve your hand further.

The only time not to hold a flush or a straight is if you have a shot at the royal flush. It's vital to try for the Royal Flush as this is where the big payout is. Playing safe is not the way to increase your edge. It is called gambling, so take some risks!

If you do hit a pair of Jacks for example, then get rid of all the other three cards. There i sometimes a temptation to hold some of the other high cards, like Aces. This is a mistake to make, as you have less cards now to draw to a third Jack, or maybe hit a random second pair.

There are other more descriptive plans for specific situations, but if you follow these basics of Online Casino video poker then you are well continuing your journey to doing a lot better than your average "Casino Joe. "

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