Tested and Discovered – The Fast Charging and Wireless Quick Charge Technology on the Samsung Galaxy A32
Tested and Discovered – The Fast Charging and Wireless Quick Charge Technology on the Samsung Galaxy A32

The Samsung Galaxy A32 is one of two major variants in the popular Galaxy S line. The other model is the Galaxy S4 which has a smaller display and a different housing. The Galaxy A series is targeted at a younger audience and features many accessible elements that are especially Samsung Galaxy A32 attractive to kids. It's also perfect for someone who wants an all-in-one mobile phone. Although it shares some elements with the iPhone, like the user interface, it differs aesthetically when compared. To help you make your decision, we'll take a look at the Galaxy A32 and what sets it apart from the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy A32 ups the ante with its high definition screen, wide color spectrum and eye-catching aesthetics. The phone measured 6.4 by 3.0 inches and weighs 7 ounces, just a little bit bigger than the average slim model. That slim edge gives it a typical thinness for an handset with a slightly curved 6.2-inch screen, but the Galaxy A32's smooth finish makes it much more resistant to accidental drops than older models with less slippery back covers. In addition to an extremely slim design, the A32 comes with a large single lens camera system and a complete suite of features including:

A nice design choice on the Samsung Galaxy A32 is the fact that the back plate covers the entire back of the device. On the front, you'll find a power button, volume rocker, and the single camera lens key. The sides feature smooth angular lines and rounded corners, while the top has a textured back cover made of rubberized material. One of the best aspects of the A series is its rugged durability. The A32 has a two year warranty and the manufacturer also offers round the clock customer support in case anyone experiences any accidental damage while using their phone.

With all that said, the Samsung Galaxy A32 definitely has everything that consumers would want in their pocket. It has a very simple layout with big buttons that are easy to press, a large, easy to see display, a powerful speaker system, and a vast selection of customizable software. The touch screen, for instance, has a dual touch feature allowing you to use your thumbs to scroll up and down the screen or long-press the home key to launch the camera system. This is something that the HTC Evo phones don't have as it lacks an internal camera system.

Taking test photos of the Samsung Galaxy A32 was a bit of an ordeal because I never really knew where to start. Since I was reviewing the SGH-T9 masking film I was pretty sure I would be taking pictures of the handset's exterior. What surprised me a bit was that taking test photos of the Samsung Galaxy A32's camera app were a lot harder than I expected. The first image I got was of a red truck driving up to a white house, which I had no idea how to actually use in the test photo. Thankfully, once you know the basic controls on the camera you shouldn't have any problems.

After wasting quite a bit of time fiddling around with the menu, I was able to find the way to take test photos of the Samsung Galaxy A32. The first thing I did was turn off the auto-focus on the unit so I could focus on the viewfinder instead. After that, I set the mode to portrait mode and clicked with my thumb on the screen a few times to focus the lens. After that, I pressed the home key several times to launch the camera and took several test photos. All of them were taken very quickly and clearly, and I was very impressed with the quality of the images the Samsung Galaxy A32 could take. The battery managed to last for a solid day of moderate use, and the S Pen worked like a charm, even for an amateur photographer.

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