Beauty, Benefits, and Brief about Red Coral Gemstone

Red Coral which is commonly known as ‘Moonga’ in India is a beautiful red-colored gemstone. This stone is one of a kind as it is not mined from earth like other gemstones. Red coral is actually made by creatures of the water world called coral polyps. And so are found deep in oceans.

The solid bright red color and the shine of this stone give it a unique appearance. People use it all over the world for many decorative items. But this stone is given much significance in Vedic astrology as well.

For centuries, people are wearing this stone to gain the different benefits this stone provides to its wearer. We have mentioned all these benefits below for you to read. Know how much this stone can help you once you wear it.

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone

The Original Red coral gemstone has the energy of the ocean; it keeps the person calm and peaceful as well as gives the strength to overcome difficulties at times.

Many other red coral gemstone benefits are as follows:

  • Reduces the mental depression of the wearer and helps overcome stress, and tension as well.

  • Increasing the self-confidence and self-esteem of the wearer, the red coral helps the person conquer their fears. It helps them achieve their goals with courage.

  • Also, if you have anger issues, this stone will help you manage it.

  • The red coral stone is also known to work as a protection charm against evil spirits and negative influences.

  • This gemstone is also said to have the power of bringing a couple together who are having troubles in their marriage. It increases the strength of the bond, mutual understanding, and harmony.

  • Enhancing the concentration powers of the wearer, the red coral gemstone also helps in promoting intellectual skills. Hence, this stone is highly suggested to people with business, police, doctor, or academics as their profession.

  • Boosting the energy levels of the person, it also keeps the wearer active and lively.

An original red coral gemstone also has physical properties for which this stone is widely used. It heals skin-related problems, cuts, and injuries. Also, it is said to be helpful in problems related to bone and skeletal health.

Other than this, red coral also helps in regulating blood circulation, strengthening the heart, and maintaining the health of the respiratory system.

Additionally, it also detoxifies our body, removing toxins.

Who Should Wear the Red Coral Gemstone?

The red coral gemstone is a very powerful gemstone that is ruled by the planet Mars aka Mangal. Astrologers often recommend this gemstone to people who have ‘Mangal Dosh’ in their horoscope i.e. have negative effects of the mars in their birth chart.

People with the zodiac signs Aries, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius, Leo, & Cancer can wear the red coral gemstone as well.

Although, before wearing the red coral gemstone you should consult an astrologer. Making sure that the gemstone is suitable for your birth chart is very important.

Additionally, it is important to have the Vedic Pooja of the stone before wearing it to activate its powers. Know the complete procedure here: How to Wear Moonga Stone?

Red Coral (Moonga) Stone Price

The price of original red coral gemstones depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • Origin

  • Color

  • Clarity

  • Cut

  • Shape

  • And Quality.

The aspects mentioned above will play an important role in the cost of the stone. So, the price can vary a lot. But, generally, the original red coral price per carat in India starts from INR 550 per Carat to 20,000.

Summing Up

Being one of the rare gemstones and known to contain the fiery power of the ocean, the value of this stone is quite high. This is the only gemstone that is made of marine creatures rather than being mined.

The bright red of this stone makes it a perfect choice for making jewelry and other decorative items. While the astrological benefits of this stone whether they be emotional or physical healing add much more to its worth and demand.

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