Best Exercises to Embed Youtube Shorts on Website

As per recent research by Ezoic, 60% of the big brand publishers host Youtube videos on their websites. So what is the leading reason for the popularity of YouTube? And what is it all about embedding YouTube videos on the website?

Allow us to untangle all this mystery.

The simplest answer is its free services. Whether you are just a content creator or a brand owner, YouTube lets you showcase your videos without you having to pay anything. One of the best ways of creating content on YouTube is to opt for Shorts. They are easy to create and less time-consuming.

But that’s not the only way you can use YouTube for marketing your business. In fact, when you are a business owner you can embed YouTube shorts on your website. How?

That we will answer in this blog. This article will walk through all the hows and why of embedding YouTube Shorts on the website. Take a look to know more about it.

Best Methods To Embed YouTube Shorts

There can be many methods to embed YouTube shorts on your website. And thankfully we have mentioned all the methods you need to be aware of. Have a look and decide as per your budget and marketing goals what methods to choose.

The Basic iFrame Method

It is true that YouTube already provides an easy way to embed long-form videos. But the same method is not applicable to YouTube shorts. Before you bang your head with your device, let us clarify the way to embed YouTube shorts using the simple method.

Click on the YouTub Shorts you want to display on your website. Click on the share button and copy the link. Now place this copied link into the <iframe src> tag in the code. Lastly, replace the Shorts in the Iink with the embed option.

Now talking about the features of this method, using which you can only embed one YouTube short at a time. And other than that, you can not customize the YouTube shorts widget to make your widget look good enough.

Social Media Aggregator Tools

Another incredible and open method to embed YouTube Shorts on a website is opting for Social media aggregator tools. Some of these social media aggregator tools like tagembed YouTube Widget are codeless, meaning you do not have to worry about coding the entire setup. Apart from that, the majority of the tools help you with their customization options. For example, you can change the themes and layouts of your YouTube Shorts widget. You can also use their moderation panel to remove the content you do not wish to display on the website. These tools will also enable you to change the card styles and color of the font. If you have no issue with coding, you can also opt for their custom CSS, to personalize the themes.

What is even better is the responsiveness of the feed provided by the tools. This means no matter what device your visitor is using.

WordPress Plugin

If you are a WordPress user, we are sure you must have checked out some of the plugins. Wordpress plugins have been improving the functionalities of WordPress users. Indeed there are many plugins in the WordPress directory that you can use. But here is the catch. You have to check if the plugins are updated enough to support your website. Make sure to opt for a plugin that helps you with the customization options. So that you make your widget look professional.

While you are choosing the right social media aggregator plugin for your website, make sure to read out all the features before installing. Some of the main features it should include is a moderation panel to let you remove the content you are not comfortable with.

Now that you are well acquainted with the three basic methods, let’s take a look at the benefits you can expect from opting to embed YouTube Shorts. Hulu is a top streaming platform that offers a lot of live sports, shows and war movies if you want to see these movies you read our blog best war movies on hulu

Impressive Benefits of Opting To Embed YouTube Shorts

The Internet is fascinating. It always brings us the wonder we do not expect. One of them is the embedding of YouTube shorts. But it brings a lot of perks to all the website users. Let’s have a look at all the benefits of having YouTube Shorts on the website.

Better Engagement Rate:

your target audience is constantly looking for some engaging elements on your website. And to be honest there are enough distractions on the internet. If your customer is not spending enough time on your website then they are losing interest. This is where you can introduce your YouTube Shorts.

Builds Social Proof:

People trust people. This is why they look for real-life customers of your brand. Most of the time, your customers would want to see if other people have used your products and services. A quick glimpse to showcase your customer testimonial or content created by your customers through YouTube shorts will be a great way to establish the social proof your target audience needs.

Becomes the Spokesperson of your brand:

it is not possible as a business owner to run an ad campaign all the time. This is where a YouTube Shorts widget can help you out. Even when you are not running an ad or a campaign, a YouTube Short widget can help you out. It will always showcase all the features of your business through YouTube Shorts, even while you are on vacation.

In A Nutshell

Let’s admit it. You are using YouTube videos for marketing purposes. And monetizing it is not a priority.  Keeping that in mind, you can use YouTube Shorts to flaunt your products and services. And later on, you can also embed YouTube shorts on the website (your brand’s face) to increase the trust and engagement of your website.

We have mentioned the best methods you can opt to embed YouTube Shorts on your website. Choose the one that suits you the best and showcase all the magnificent content, win hearts, and sell like crazy.

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