Can you download a IG video from Instagram?

IGTV is one of my favorite sources of long-form video content. However, the biggest negative feeling is that we can’t find a native way to download IGTV videos directly from Instagram for offline viewing. If you are someone who likes to download those videos, then this guide is the best thing to help you download your favorite IGTV videos.

According to my experience, you can use these methods to download your favorite IGTV videos from Instagram;

  1. Download via 3-rd party apps
  2. Download via online downloaders
  3. Download via the screen recorder option
  4. Download via the Siri shortcut app

Soon after the addition of the IGTV feature, Instagram increased its weekly downloads at an unprecedented rate. This article will walk you through the best IGTV video download methods for your device, whether an iPhone, Android, or online IGTV video downloader tool to help you save your favorite IGTV content without any obstacles.

Why can’t we download IGTV videos directly from Instagram?

Many reasons may be responsible for the challenge that you can’t download Instagram videos, reels, or IGTV videos. Some of them may include social media giant restrictions that do not allow you to download Instagram videos directly from its platform. It is the main reason. 

It is understood that when you upload a video on Instagram, it is presumed that you are giving consent in case people download it. Always keep in mind that, downloading private videos comes as a legal problem for you so get permission from the real owner.

Top ranking methods to download Instagram IGTV videos 

If you are wondering “Can I download IGTV videos on my device”, this part will be really helpful for you. Keep reading to know more! 

Download via 3-rd party apps


This is a very easy-to-use and highly flexible video downloader app for reposting others’ content from Instagram. This app is capable of downloading Instagram images, videos, reels, stories, IGTV videos, and more things. And you can easily download high-quality IGTV videos with this app. And the most highlighted thing is that InstaSave offers a built-in offline player to preview download content.

Cons; Not user-friendly for beginners and it has no free version

Reposter for Instagram

This is one of the top apps for saving Instagram IGTV videos to the camera roll. And it is the best Instagram video downloader app that features the watermark remover option. So, this is an ideal video downloader app that is 100% free and easy to use. You can enable or disable the watermark per your needs. 

Cons; Some features are not available in the free version and are only available for iOS devices


This is another top pick for downloading IGTV videos, videos, profile pictures, and more in high quality. Moreover, InsDownloader easily fixes issues and bugs to maintain the service. InsDownloader supports multiple downloads with fast speed. And, this app is lightweight that lets all functions without logging in.

Cons; No free version available

Download via online downloaders


SaveIGtv is a completely free and great IGTV video downloader website that can be accessed to download unlimited IGTV videos easily. This is an online tool so you can easily download IGTVs anywhere, anytime by only visiting the SaveIGTV website and pasting the video link. And it is pretty simple to download high-quality videos in the quickest way possible. This tool has no ads and offers unlimited downloads.

Cons; You can only download IGTV videos and no apps available


This is a powerful and free IGTV downloading tool that allows you to download IGTV videos in the most appropriate way possible. And, DownloadGram has a basic design UI and a pretty straightforward way to download your favorite IGTV videos quickly. This is a completely easy-to-use, fast, trusted, free, and ad-free online website that gives the best user experience on Instagram. 

Cons; No cons to show


This tool provides online services for video and photo downloading for Instagram. Ingramer offers photo, video, and IGTV video downloading online services that anyone can easily access. Ingramer IGTV downloader online is easy to use, fast, secure, free, and offers High-quality videos for users.

Cons; No Ingramer app available yet

Download via the screen recorder option

As we know, the iPhone has a feature called a built-in recording option. Using this option, you can record Instagram IGTV videos on your iPhones. Simply, click the “Screen recorder” icon. Then, automatically record the video. But the only drawback is that it does not guarantee the quality resolutions of the videos. This is a very easy method and anyone can easily try this method without any technical skill. 

Cons; You can’t download high-quality videos because the whole screen is recording. This method is only useful for iPhone users.

Download via the Siri shortcut app

This is a feature option that comes for iOS 12 users and they can easily download the Siri Shortcuts application from the App Store. This makes it easy to save IGTV videos to their camera roll. The Shortcuts app makes it viable for users to access the Instagram option to save videos and IGTVs directly in their camera roll by simply adding the video’s URL to the shortcut and downloading it.

Cons; Only available for iOS 12 users. 

FAQ from users

  • Are there any extra methods to download Instagram videos?

Yes, you can download Instagram videos via the Inspect Element feature option and the Chrome Extension methods. All these methods are available for only PC devices. To know more info, refer to Google! 

  • Can I download Instagram images without using any app or web browser?

Yes, you can download Instagram images using the screenshot method. This is not an expert method but you can easily take a screenshot on your favorite images. 


Instagram has been dominating the social media space Unfortunately, due to its strict policies, users cannot download IGTV videos. However, this does not mean you cannot download IGTV videos. As mentioned above, you can go with different methods to download Instagram videos on your device. If you still have any doubts or queries regarding these methods, feel free to send us a message. 

Which method of downloading IGTV videos do you like to use the most? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

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