Cookie Clicker 2: Bigger, Better, Faster

Advanced Cookie Baking Strategies

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to take your cookie baking to the next level. Here are some advanced strategies to boost your cookie production:

  • Upgrade your cursors. Faster cursors mean faster clicking and more cookies. Save up to buy the highest level cursors you can afford. The fancier the cursor, the faster it clicks.
  • Unlock portal upgrades. Portals are a quick way to earn lots of cookies at once. Keep upgrading your portals to produce the most cookies in the least amount of time.
  • Achieve cookie mastery. Certain achievements, like owning a particular number of cursors or portals, earning a set amount of cookies, or other milestones will unlock rewards like cookie multipliers to significantly increase your clicking power. Aim to unlock as many achievements as possible.
  • Gain bonuses. Bonuses that increase your CPS (cookies per second) for a set time are available by clicking reindeer, pledging to factions (like team cookie or team cream), and collecting seasonal event rewards. Take advantage of bonuses whenever you can to boost your cookie production.
  • Buy farms and factories. These buildings produce cookies on their own so you can earn cookies even when you’re not actively playing. Build as many farms and factories as you can afford for totally automated cookie creation.
  • Join a co-op. Co-ops allow members to pool resources to reach goals and unlock group achievements and rewards. Join an active co-op to open up more opportunities for increased CPS and cookies.

With these advanced tips and tricks, you’ll be baking more cookies than ever before in no time! What are you waiting for? Start strategizing and get clicking!

Maximizing Your CPS (Clicks Per Second)

To maximize your clicks per second (CPS) in Cookie Clicker 2, focus on upgrading these key areas of your bakery:


Invest in upgrades that will increase your CPS, especially early on. Things like faster clicking, autoclickers, and grandmas will make a big difference. Save up your cookies to purchase the highest CPS upgrades you can afford.


Complete as many achievements as possible, since many give you a CPS boost as a reward. Even small increases of .5 to 1 CPS add up over time. Focus on achievements that just require patience, like watching 100 reindeers or having 100 portals. You can also work on multiple achievements at once. I read a blog about how you can protect your children from specious websites you can also read to protect your children how to unblock websites

Golden Cookies

Click on every golden cookie that appears for random rewards like a temporary CPS boost, extra cookies, or unlocking upgrades. Try to click within the first 30 seconds before the golden cookie disappears. Have your mouse cursor ready in the area where golden cookies commonly spawn.

Seasonal Events

Take advantage of seasonal events which typically offer special cookies, upgrades, and achievements during the event period. Events like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas can significantly boost your CPS if you actively participate in the activities. Make the most of these limited time events when they’re available.

Idle Time

Let your game idle whenever possible so your CPS can accumulate uninterrupted. Close other tabs and disable sleep mode on your device. The longer you idle, the more your CPS will increase over time through your upgrades and achievements. Check back periodically to click any golden cookies that appear.

By focusing on these key strategies, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your clicks per second and dominating the leaderboards in Cookie Clicker 2. Keep ascending through the levels of your bakery by reinvesting your cookies in more powerful upgrades and achievements. With patience and persistence, you’ll build an unstoppable cookie empire!

The Best Cookie Upgrades to Prioritize

Once you get hooked on Cookie Clicker 2, you’ll want to boost your CPS (cookies per second) as much as possible. The best way to do this is by upgrading your buildings and equipment. Some of the top upgrades to focus on first are:

Cursor Upgrade

Upgrading your cursor multiplies the number of cookies it produces with each click. Prioritize the cheaper cursor upgrades first, then move on to the more expensive ones as you can afford them. Even a few extra cookies per click adds up quickly!

Farm Upgrade

Farm upgrades increase the amount of cookies your farm produces over time. Upgrade your farm whenever possible to ramp up your passive cookie income. The farm is one of the best sources of CPS in the early game.

Mine Upgrade

Upgrading your mine increases how many cookies it produces per second. The mine is a key building for boosting your CPS, so upgrade it frequently. The mine unlocks additional types of buildings you can purchase to further multiply your cookie output.

Factory Upgrade

Factories are powerhouses for CPS, so factory upgrades should be a top priority. Upgrading factories increases how many cookies they produce each second. Buy factory upgrades as soon as you can afford them for the biggest boost to your total CPS.

Temple Upgrade

Temple upgrades increase the power of your “frenzy” ability and how often you can activate it. Frenzies temporarily multiply your CPS, so more powerful and frequent frenzies mean a huge boost to your total cookies earned. Temple upgrades are essential for progressing quickly in the game.

By focusing first on upgrading your cursors, farm, mine, factories, and temple, you’ll ramp up your CPS in no time. Be patient, keep clicking and upgrading, and you’ll have the most powerful cookie empire in no time! Let the cookies pile up and enjoy this tasty clicker game.

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