How do you download ADB for Mac?

If you do not have the ADB driver installed on your Mac PC yet, you can’t properly get access to a connected Android device on your Mac PC. Simply, ADB for Mac is the command line tool. It allows users to control the Android device through the Mac PC, using a USB cable. If you have the ADB driver on your computer, you can run the smartphone features on your Mac OS computer once it connects your mobile device to your computer. Do you have any idea about installing Android Debug Bridge on a Mac OS computer or laptop? Well, you have come to the right palace. Read the rest of this tutorial first. 

Introduction to ADB for Mac

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a universal command line tool that loads with lots of benefits. It lets you communicate and control, run shell commands, copy files back and forth, install and uninstall apps, and more on an Android device from a computer via a USB cable. If you are a Mac OS computer user who wishes to run the Android device via the PC using a USB link, you can download ADB on your Mac computer. Indeed, this is the best and the most supported command line tool that comes with Android Software Development Kit ( SDK) and code.

The ADB driver is a client-server program and it is an essential part of Android development. If you wish to perform adb debugging operations with your Android smartphone, ADB for Mac is the first thing you need to enable on your device. Once you download ADB drivers and install them on your Mac PC, no worries, ADB can create a bridge between an Android phone and a Mac computer.

As you read before, Android Debug Bridge is a client-server program that includes three components such as the client, the daemon, and the server. Now, you can use the ADB to record your phone’s screen via your computer and it allows you to get side-load apps that you can’t accept from the Google Play Store. Happy to say that, Android Debug Bridge is a 100% safe-to-use command line tool to control Android devices on Mac OS PC, using a USB cable.

Current status of ADB Installer APK

Now, you can easily install the APK using the ADB command. Happy to say that you can install APKs from the Play Store. However, it isn’t the only way. You can run ADB files for Android and the app on your Mac computer rather than sharing the APK to your Android phone and installing it on your smartphone. Mainly, you have the ability to debug your Android device using the app services provided. It uses USB debugging to control your handset. Keep in mind that ADB Installer APK requires earlier technical experience from the user. Indeed, it helps in getting to install ADB drivers on the device smoothly.

Examples of ADB Shell Commands

  • adb sideload
  • adb shell getprop
  • adb shell dumpsys iphonesubinfo
  • adb shell settings
  • adb shell cat
  • adb shell top
  • adb shell ifconfig
  • adb shell screenrecord
  • adb shell wm
  • adb shell dumpsys battery
  • adb shell pm
  • adb shell input keyevent

Preparation of ADB Setup on macOS

If you are a Mac OS computer user, you can download ADB for Mac in the latest versions of its series. Then you should be setting up both the ADB and Fastboot parts of the Android SDK package. Also, you need to download the toolkit. Keep in mind that you must configure the path variables or use the correct instructions to install ADB Mac and fastboot drivers on macOS.

First, you need to enable developer options on your Android device. After that, you need to put your device in USB debugging mode from Settings > About Phone or About> Enable the Developer options by tapping the Build number seven times.

How to set up ADB on macOS

  1. You can download the Android SDK Platform Tools ZIP file for macOS from the official website link ADB for Mac here
  2. Extract the ZIP to an easily-accessible location
  3. Open Terminal on your Mac PC
  4. You can enter the command: cd /path/to/extracted/folder/ to browse the folder you extracted ADB into
  5. Connect your device to your Mac with a compatible USB cable
  6. Change the USB connection mode to “file transfer (MTP)” mode. It is not required for every device. However, it’s best to leave it in this mode so you don’t run into any issues
  7. Once the Terminal is in the same folder your ADB tools are in, you can execute the following command to launch the ADB daemon: ./adb devices
  8. You’ll see an “Allow USB debugging” prompt on your device and allow the connection
  9. Run install adb
  10. After that, you can re-enter the command from step 8
  11. Then, you should now see your device’s serial number in macOS’s Terminal window
  12. Enter macOS Terminal adb devices command
  13. Finally, you can see the message Congratulations! You can now run any ADB Command on your device. 

Can I ADB Download Windows?

Of course, ADB Download is a cross-platform supported tool that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. If you are the best Windows OS lineup PC user between Windows XP to the latest Windows 11 laptop or computer, you can freely download this command line tool on your PC. Indeed, it is allowing you to communicate and control the information between the computer and the Android device. You can easily manage a set of binaries and it allows you to fix communication between your Windows PC and your Android phone. 

Closing Words 

In this article, you can download ADB for Mac as the best command link tool to your PC. Users may think that installing ADB on Mac can be more complicated. However, there is a very simple-to-use process. Once you get used to it on a Mac OS computer, everything evolves easily. It is the easiest way to run ADB on Mac. If you have any questions, you can comment to us in the comment box below. 

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