How To Download Movies For Free On Android Phone?

Do you want to download movies for free on Android phones? For that, you can use Google Movies & TVs, and the Google TV app. As well as you can use some movie streaming apps and websites. Now let’s see the method which helps to download movies on Android devices.

Download movies using Google Play Movies and TVs

Download movies using the internet

  • Connect your Android device to the internet connection
  • Open the Google Play Movies and TVs
  • Click on the Library
  • Find the movie TV episode you need to download
  • Tap the Download button

Important to note that you can download a video that you bought on up to five devices. If you rent a video, you can get it onto one device. However, if you remove the rented video from a device, you can download and watch it on another device.

Download movies using mobile data.

  • Open Google Play Movie and TV on your Android device
  • Click the Menu icon or your profile picture at the top of the page
  • Click the Settings icon
  • Under “Downloads”, click Network > Download on any Network

Download movies using Google TV.

Users can watch movies and TV shows from your streaming services on Android devices with the Google TV app.

  • Open the Google TV app.
  • Click your profile picture to Manage services
  • Select the services you want to add
  • Click the “Next”
  • Then click “Done”
  • Now open the Google TV app
  • Search your favorite movies or trailers to download
  • Choose your streaming app
  • Tap watch

Download movies using a movie streaming app

What are the best movie streaming apps and websites for Android phones? They are YouTube, Crackle, Vudu, Cinema HD, Tubi, Kflix, ZiniTevi, Free HD movies, Vidmate, etc. All of them allow you to watch movies for free and offline. Now let’s see more on movie streaming apps.


YouTube comes with a massive collection of movies, TV shows, cartoons, music, and other videos. It is best for watching old movies on your Android phone. Likewise, YouTube comes as a pre-installed app on your devices. Thus, you don’t need to download and install extra software to watch movies.

Timeless Classic Movies, Viewstar, and Funimation are the free movie channels that are available on YouTube. Apart from that, you can buy some movies from specific movie channels by making payments. Due to its filter option, you can filter movies only and change the duration to show long movies only.

You can save movies for later watching. However, there is no download option to download movies from YouTube. Hence, you should use a third-party downloader for that.


The Crackle is another best place to watch your favorite movies. It comes with a great collection of movies, a user-friendly interface, and a simple search system. Thus, you can watch a lot of movies easily. Likewise, it offers fast streaming and downloading speeds.


Vudu is another free movie streaming app that allows you to download 4K quality movies. It allows you to watch movies online and download movies for later watching ( Offline viewing). The most important part of the software is the ability to watch movies in super 4K UHD. Likewise, it consists of Dolby Vision HDR sound quality.


It is one of the best movie-downloading apps that supports all devices, including Android. Likewise, the software is simple and comes with a user-friendly interface. Also, you can download it on your Android devices without root access.

The movie streaming app ZiniTevi allows watching movies or TV shows online or offline mode, the ability to enjoy content without signing in, add films to your favorite list, etc. Likewise, it offers the ability to enjoy content in HD and FHD format, save the film for history, and sync favorites and history to the cloud. Also, the software is available for free download and allows to get unlimited movies without any restrictions. These are the features that cause us to recommend using ZiniTevi download for Android devices.

If so, now see the step guide to download movies from it.

  • Open the website from the Android tablet or smartphone that you want to install the app. Then you should click on APK download and proceed with downloading the APK file to the computer.
  • If you come across with error message that you can not install, you need to visit settings. Then you can get the ability to install applications from unknown sources.
  • Now locate the APK file again and tap on it.
  • Once the installation is completed, tap on the icon to open.

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is one of most popular movie-watching and downloading apps. The absence of annoying Ads is the most beneficial fact of it. Likewise, it offers HD quality for movies. However, you can select any resolution when you download it.

The downside of the software is that Cinema HD is not always available in the Google Play Store for download. Thus, you might have to download an APK file and then install it on your Android devices.

Free HD movies

You can see a lot of the latest and old movies using Free HD movies. Likewise, it provides high-quality films for you. Also, you can download any movies from the Free HD movies software for offline watching. The movie streaming app provides subtitles to trailers in different languages.


Tubi is the most beneficial movie streaming app to watch movies and series that aren’t on Netflix. Likewise, it offers a wide range of movie collections. You can download them with HD quality. It comes with some options, such as bookmarking the film and creating a personal queue to continue watching them later. Also, the software supports many devices, including Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon fire TV, and more.


Most people use Netflix and Hulu to watch movies and TV series. It is good as long as you have a subscription and don’t need to go offline. Hence, here we have provided different methods to watch movies online and offline. Also, they are available for free.

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