How to Draw Rapunzel Easily

How to Draw Rapunzel. There are many classic fairy tales and stories that have delighted children around the world for generations.

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Of all these stories, some are more famous than others, and the story of Rapunzel is one of the best known.

This story has appeared in many books and retellings and has been made into a few film adaptations by studios such as Disney.

With so many fans worldwide, many people would love to learn how to draw Rapunzel by themselves.

This guide will show you how to do just that!

We hope you enjoy working on this step-by-step guide to drawing Rapunzel!

How to Draw Rapunzel

Step 1

In this first step of our guide on how to draw Rapunzel, we’ll start with her head and hair.

Since this is a fairly detailed drawing, it’s a good idea to use a pencil and follow the reference image very closely.

Its eyes are large and round with some large pupils. Therefore, her face will be a little round with simple thin lines for the mouth and nose.

Next, let’s start drawing her thick hair, which will be divided into different sections. You’re good to go once you’re happy with how it looks compared to our reference image!

Step 2

In this second part of your Rapunzel drawing, we will draw the second arm and lengthen the hair. His arm is bent at the elbow so that his forearm is raised and his hand is under his face.

Then you can draw some small irregular lines for the collar of her dress. Finally, use a few more slightly curved lines downwards to continue her long hair.

Step 3

You will learn how to draw Rapunzel in detail in the next steps of this guide. So go slow and have fun! First, we’ll use some curved lines for the shoulder of her dress.

Then you can draw the bust and waist with intricate details running down the center for the string she used to tie the dress together.

It may seem a little complicated, but if you refer to the example image, you won’t have any problems!

Step 4

You’re making great progress with this Rapunzel drawing! In this step, we will focus on the other arm.

With some slightly curved lines going down, you can draw the other arm out of the shoulder of the dress you drew earlier. With that arm drawn, you’re ready for step 5!

Step 5

In this fifth step of our Rapunzel drawing guide, it’s time to draw the rest of the dress.

The dress is designed with many curved lines of different lengths that run down and connect. This helps show the flow of the fabric and gives it a more dynamic look.

Once the dress is complete, the next few steps are just a few final touches before we color in your design.

Step 6

One of the most famous features of this character is her long hair, which we will finish in this step of your Rapunzel drawing.

To do this, we’ll use some sharp curved lines that run down her hair and down to her feet. It’s that simple, and now you’re ready for step 7!

Step 7

It’s almost time to color this picture, but we have a few final things to draw in this step of our Rapunzel drawing guide.

First, you can add rougher lines to her dress’s bottom to finish off the hem. You can then tuck your feet under the base of the dress to finish.

This will do for our details, but feel free to add your own if you’d like!

Perhaps you could design a background image to showcase your favorite scene from the movie. You can also search for other characters from the story that you like and draw them alongside Rapunzel.

Step 8

This brings you to the final phase of your Rapunzel drawing. You can have fun adding some amazing colors to your photo in this part!

In our example, we showed you how she looked in the movie, and for this, we used beautiful shades of yellow for her blonde hair and a pink colorway for her dress.

You can use this image as a color reference, but feel free to change the color scheme to your favorite colors if needed!

If you want the colors to be nice and bright, you can use tools like crayons and acrylic paint for some examples.

Alternatively, you can use some watercolors or colored pencils to give the image a more muted look.

Your Rapunzel Drawing is Finished!

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