How to Turn on YouTube Comments?

How to Turn on YouTube Comments

YouTube remarks are a notable manner for visitors to interact with content creators and with each other. They permit for dialogue, comments, and a feel of network round shared pursuits. However, a few films on YouTube can also have remarks turned off, either with the aid of the content material creator or due to YouTube rules. In this article, we will explore how to show on YouTube remarks as a viewer, why remarks can be disabled, and the blessings and drawbacks of getting remarks enabled.

How to turn on YouTube comments

As a viewer, you can only activate comments for videos which have comments enabled through the content creator. If remarks are disabled, there’s no way for visitors to turn them on. however, if remarks are enabled, you may flip them on by way of following those steps:

Open the video on your internet browser or the YouTube app.

Scroll all the way down to the comments segment beneath the video.

Why comments can be Disabled

 There are several motives why a content material writer may pick to disable comments on their movies. One purpose is to avoid poor or abusive comments. Unfortunately, the anonymity of the net can convey out the worst in some humans, and comment sections can grow to be a breeding ground for hate speech, harassment, and bullying. By disabling feedback, content creators can keep away from this type of toxicity and shield themselves and their visitors from damage.

Every other reason why feedback can be disabled is to conform with YouTube regulations. YouTube has community tips that prohibit positive forms of content, together with hate speech, harassment, and threats. If a video violates those pointers, YouTube might also disable feedback to save you in addition to violations.

Reasons of getting comments Enabled

Despite the capacity drawbacks, there are many blessings to having remarks enabled on YouTube movies. For content material creators, comments provide valuable comments on their work. They can study what their visitors like and dislike, what questions they’ve, and what recommendations they have got for destiny content material. comments additionally offer an opportunity for content material creators to interact with their visitors and build an experience of community around their channel.

For viewers, remarks offer an opportunity to discuss the video with others who proportion their hobbies. They are able to ask questions, proportion their evaluations, and research from other viewers’ perspectives. comments additionally permit viewers to hook up with the content creator and provide comments on what they would love to see in future films.

Drawbacks of having feedback Enabled

Notwithstanding the blessings, there also are drawbacks to having remarks enabled on YouTube motion pictures. As stated in advance, comment sections can grow to be a breeding floor for hate speech, harassment, and bullying. content creators can be situation to poor comments that can be hurtful and demotivating. Additionally, comment sections can emerge as overwhelming and tough to mild, specifically for content creators with big followings.

Some other downside of getting comments enabled is the ability for spam feedback. unsolicited mail comments are beside the point or promotional comments which are published in large quantities. They can be traumatic and distracting for visitors and may make it tough to discover relevant remarks.

Can comments increase the boom of our youtube channel?

Sure, comments can play an enormous role within the boom of a YouTube channel. when visitors depart from remarks in your motion pictures, it indicates to YouTube’s set of rules that your content is enticing and applicable for your target audience. This, in turn, can boost your video’s visibility on YouTube’s search outcomes and cautioned video feeds, leading to greater views and potentially more YouTube subscribers.

Remarks also can assist to build an experience of network round your channel. whilst you have interaction together with your visitors within the remarks section, you create a space for discussion and feedback which could enhance the connection between you and your target audience. This may lead to greater dependable fans who are more likely to percentage your content and propose your channel to others.


Responding to comments for your motion pictures can help to increase engagement in your channel. When viewers see that you are lively within the comments phase and are willing to interact along with your audience, they will be more likely to depart remarks themselves and participate in discussions around your content material. This improved engagement can result in higher watch time and extra possibilities for your content material to be advocated to different viewers.

But, it’s vital to note that not all remarks are beneficial to your channel’s increase. terrible or abusive comments may be dangerous to each you and your visitors, and might cause a decrease in engagement and increase. It is crucial to moderate your remarks section and remove any remarks that violate YouTube’s community recommendations.

General feedback could have a widespread impact at the growth and achievement of your YouTube channel. through fostering engagement, building network, and growing a space for comments and dialogue, comments can help to growth perspectives, subscribers, and normal engagement to your channel


In the end, turning on YouTube comments as a viewer can be a wonderful way to engage with content material creators, specific your evaluations, and connect with other visitors. With the aid of allowing remarks on YouTube, you open up an area for discussion and remarks that can assist to construct a community experience of the community around your favourite channels. Whether or not you’re leaving feedback on a tune video, sharing your mind on a brand new movie trailer, or connecting with like-minded visitors, remarks can assist to enhance your normal YouTube enjoyment. So, if you have not already, bear in mind turning on YouTube feedback today and begin engaging with the content material and community that makes YouTube this sort of vibrant and dynamic platform.

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