Is Montessori Education Helpful for Children with Special Needs?

Montessori has established itself as a curriculum option that is purely student-centric. It focuses on imparting knowledge through multiple activities that make learning fun and effortless for students. Most schools in Noida with a remarkable market reputation follow this teaching methodology. Moreover, during school admission time, you will find most parents opting for Montessori over other curriculum options.

The best part about this teaching methodology and the reason behind its popularity is that it offers a flexible environment. Flexibility and many other features of a Montessori school make it fit for children with special needs. In addition, it provides a cordial and nurturing environment for such children and helps them become valued members of the mainstream.

Ways In Which Montessori Can Help Students With Special Needs

Provides Flexibility

Every child has his own way of perceiving things. A Montessori understands this well. Hence, it provides a flexible learning environment to the students and lets them learn even the most challenging concepts at their own pace. Specially-abled children have lower grasping power, and Montessori works best for them because it doesn’t discriminate against children based on their ability.

Engaging Activities 

Montessori schools in Noida organize different activities to teach academic concepts to their children. They aim to keep learning effortless and help children understand things through experience. It works best for students with special abilities, as the activities help keep their minds alert and active.

They may not want to sit still in a classroom, but performing different tasks or exercises with props would surely fascinate them. Hence, it would be apt to enrol these children in a Montessori and let them learn through the most comfortable and fun teaching style.

No Strict Rules

Discipline is good, but commanding things from a specially-abled child is not the right thing to do. If you want them to learn, thrive and excel in life, you must drop the idea of putting rules on them. Strictness will scare or agitate them a lot, and they may act unpleasantly.

Hence, traditional schooling practices are not at all made for these children. But on the other hand, Montessori is a place where every child giggles and grows. There are no rules to follow, and that is something that can help specially-abled children.

Trained Faculty

These schools only hire trained staff with expertise in handling children with special needs. They know how to deal with their tantrums and provide them with a space where they feel comfortable. So, once you have chosen a Montessori school for your child, rest assured that he is in safe hands, and the educators will help him learn and feel comfortable in the mainstream amongst other students.

The advantages that Montessori holds for students with special needs are never-ending. It keeps these children comfortable and trains them to be comfortable and cordial with other people in the mainstream.

Hence, it would be a fruitful thing to choose a Montessori school for a child struggling with ADHD or autism. If the choice of school is apt, you will see the child overcoming his hindrances and excel in life.

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