The First Person Born In The Metaverse May Appear In The Next 50 years

Social networks have entered into our daily life and have fully integrated into it, being already on the level of “necessity”. Do you remember how it all started? When did you first go online? When did you first write “hello” to a stranger in a chat? It was so long ago, and at the same time it was like yesterday. It was a fascinating experience for everyone, bordering on the limits of their own comfort, because most of the dates and meetings in general used to be in real life.

Time passes quickly, and what used to seem like fiction on the pages of novels is now embodied in our daily life and continues to develop rapidly and in a variety of directions. We began to actively LIVE in the digital space. News, games, dating, communication, business, starting a family, pets – all these things have become available to everyone without leaving home. We have entered a new technological era and the name of this era is Social Life 3.0.

Where did this term come from and why did it suddenly turn out that we live in a new era, and no one told us anything? Of course, the period of pandemic and social isolation had a huge impact on the rapid and qualitative transition to new opportunities and an era. People simply could not take and move from constant diverse communication and interaction to life within four walls. It was the fundamental impetus for the birth of metaverses, where social life went beyond ordinary communication. Coupled with standard requests, people demanded something more than the usual social network or everyday communication. That’s how spaces began to appear that users stopped just visiting, and began to live in them.

“So many people, so many opinions” was once said. Everyone treats Social life 3.0 differently. However, there are more and more positive opinions, and the number of pessimistic views is decreasing every day. Currently a huge number of new platforms for interactive spaces are being launched, where people can find their partners based on their interests more efficiently and not waste extra time on aimless and inconvenient meetings. The same approach is shared by the global tech company Social Discovery Group. The company’s management is very positive about the era of Social Life 3.0. For example, the founder of Social Discovery Group, Dmitry Borisovich Volkov, says : “The main problem that our products solve is the problem of loneliness.

And in general, if you look at the activities of the serial tech entrepreneur Dmitry Volkov, it becomes obvious that the future, where people will spend most of their time in the metaverse, is not far off. Moreover, there have already been cases where real wedding ceremonies have been held and marriages have been solemnized in the metaverse. Earlier Dmitry Borisovich announced the culminating news: according to his expectations, the first person born directly in the metaverse may appear in the next 50 years!

Isn’t this a new era? In this age of technology and progress, new ideas aimed at facilitating the development of human relationships are emerging at an ever-increasing pace. Their adaptability to everyday life is becoming more and more perfect. The transition is just around the corner, when we will enter the interface to meet with our family, spend a weekend, or just go on a trip with a company without leaving home.

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