Yoga TTC in India

Blessed with abundant natural beauty, diverse cultures, and spiritually rich landscapes, India is the perfect training ground for aspiring yoga instructors. Yoga TTC in India is stigmatized and categorized as one of the most intensive, profound and life-changing yoga education. 

Samadhi Yoga Ashram is a yoga center based in Rishikesh, India. The ashram offers various yoga courses, including multi-style yoga, kundalini yoga, reiki yoga, ayurveda, and Yogic Studies for lifetime.

Samadhi Yoga Ashram is one of the leading Yoga schools which is in the sacred city of Rishikesh in India. Yoga Alliance provides certification after completing this course of RYS 200, RYS 300, or RYS 500. These certificates are recognized worldwide for maintaining a very high quality of training in yoga classes for their trainees. The ashram accepts everyone for enrolling in their yoga TTC programs, and they offer a diverse range of programs that are meant to help participants make significant positive changes in their lives.

Multi-Style Yoga TTC in India

100 Hour Yoga TTC

  • Ideal for Beginners: These courses cover fundamental knowledge of yoga in order not to get lost during the training and confuse it with something else.
  • Course Structure: Beginners yoga poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation are taught at this level, while the subject of yoga is discussed at the basic level.

200 Hour Yoga TTC

  • Comprehensive Foundation: This is the core course that is used in teaching yoga for those students who have dreams of becoming teachers in the field.
  • Curriculum: Masters in Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa and Yin yoga with foundational knowledge and teaching skills on body structures, yoga principles, teaching and practical classes.
  • Key Learning Outcomes: They assess strengths in the areas of competency that would allow the student to teach yoga classes, comprehend body alignment, and effectively help their fellow yoga students.

300 Hour Yoga TTC

  • Advanced Training: Advanced and Specialty Yoga Teacher Training for those who have Certification (RYT 200).
  • Specialized Topics: Ayurveda Therapy, unkou asanas, yoga philosophy, yoga for teaching.
  • Benefits: Develop your own clinical expertise, improve the quality of teaching, and set you up for other higher course teaching.

500 Hour Yoga TTC

  • Intensive Program: Consolidates the 200 hour and the 300 hour classes.
  • Detailed Curriculum: Additional training includes preparation in many different yoga styles, intricate procedures, intensity in understanding human body and spirit, and lot of practical exposure. 
  • Career Benefits: Gives you the highest level of certification and enables one to contribute toward teaching at higher education levels and facilitating trainer development.

Kundalini Yoga TTC in India 

100 Hour Kundalini YTTC

  • Introduction to Kundalini Yoga: Core aspect involves arousal and utilization of the Kundalini power.
  • Focus Areas: Alert on the chakras and the nadis, and general information on the Kundalini awakening process.

200 Hour Kundalini YTTC

  • In-depth Study: Kundalini Yoga is an advanced form of Yoga and the training offered here is professional.
  • Core Subjects: A comprehensive discussion of the various Kundalini practices such as the interrelated advanced asanas, pranayama, meditation, and kriyas.

300 Hour Kundalini YTTC

  • Advanced Techniques: Expands on the teachings of the 200 hour program and brings in more Kundalini work.
  • Curriculum: Includes intense kriya, insight meditation, profound pranayama and refined teachings concerning the chakras and theosophical channels.

500 Hour Kundalini YTTC

  • Comprehensive Mastery: Brings together the 200 hour and 300 hour Kundalini courses into this accelerated program.
  • Benefits: And that can get you ready to teach advanced kundalini yoga classes, and teach, train classes for teacher trainers.

Ayurveda & Other YTTC

100 Hour Ayurveda TTC

  • Basics of Ayurveda: An overview of the concept of Ayurveda and how it is incorporated in the system and practice of yoga.
  • Course Outline: They suggest general ideas about doshas, Ayurvedic food and the rules for living according to Ayurveda.

200 Hour Ayurveda TTC

  • In-depth Study: Comprehensive training from certified and experienced trainers in the field of Ayurveda.
  • Practical Applications: Some ideas about how to include Ayurveda into everyday existence as well as into regular yoga sessions.

Yin Yoga TTC

  • Focus on Yin Yoga: Twelve day training course to introduce the participant to the principles of Yin Yoga.
  • Curriculum: covers positions which are undertaken for a long period of time, the structure of the connective tissues, and the elements of meditation of Yin yoga.

Kids & Pre-Natal YTTC

  • Techniques for Teaching Kids: Developmentally appropriate yoga for children: training.
  • Benefits: Promotes their skill of embracing and instructing young children in order to enable them develop interest in practicing yoga from childhood.

Prenatal Yoga TTC

  • Specialized Training: Selecting topics that aim at showing the benefits of yoga exercises especially during pregnancy.
  • Key Learnings: Measures focused on promoting the health of mothers-to-be and babies, and on the process of childbirth and recovery.

Bottom line 

To conclude we can say that Samadhi Yoga Ashram offers a wide range of yoga TTC in India. You can choose among any of them based on your interests and future goals. To know more do visit Samadhi Yoga Ashram’s website.

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